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Remember the march for women's lives? IMAGINE A WEEK OF PURE CLINIC DEFENSE & FEMINIST/QUEER REVOLUTION IN THE SOUTH! (details below... WE NEED YOU!)

Please send the following message to everyone you know, south, north, west, east! We need as much help as we can get! If you want to help personally email me at .

and remember Livejournal isn't enough! believe it or not everyone isn't on livejournal (haha!), here are some ideas of where you can get this message out:

-forward it to yr email lists... including activist groups, campus feminist & queer groups, personal friends and family members, people who you know are in the pro choice movement and can give time or money.
- bring it up at yr meetings you go to. fundraisers are being organized all over the country as we speak to send money to Jackson! every little bit helps!
- if you know a distributor of goods we need listed below ask them to donate some stuff! water bottles, t-shirts, heck markers and paint would do wonders!
- going to a conference? summer is the season for good conferences! bring this up guerilla workshop style: brainstorm and talk amongst interested people and come up with a plan of what you can do.
- CALL people who you know might be interested in this, doesn't matter how far they are from you, we need EVERYONE'S HELP!
-not part of any groups, contact yr local NOW's, abortion funds and other feminist groups. even if you think they've already heard about this!
- and of course livejournal groups i've missed, myspace, other internet groups and places!


just remember that abortion becoming illegal WILL BE a domino effect. and the south will GO! lets show these assholes that we mean business and we aren't going to let this happen!

Love, Lindsey Oliver

Hello Friends and Allies,

Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue) has put out a call for a siege on the last abortion-providing clinic in Jackson, Mississippi this summer. (See for more information on their plans.) Their message is being spread far and wide and we are planning a massive clinic defense demonstration to keep the clinic open. July 15-22, 2006 is the proposed siege week.
In order to sustain a weeks worth of clinic defense we are in need of a variety of support and especially people to participate in the counter-action. Currently, members of abortion funds across the south are planning for a caravan to Jackson and we need your help! If you are interested in participating in the caravan or would like to become a fiscal sponsor, please contact us as soon as possible!
Also, we are in desperate need of items like water bottles and food for the persons who will be convening in Jackson as well as housing opportunities for the activists. We are also raising money to raise awareness with buttons, stickers, t-shirts, and other items. Any letters to the editor that you send regarding this event would be helpful or any other publicity for that matter. We are hoping for a big turn out to let the rest of the south know that we are in this together. For more information or to find out how to donate contact the Southern Abortion Fund at or the Jackson area NOW chapter at
We look forward to hearing from you!
Quillin of the Southern Abortion Fund

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