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Community for Radical Health Care Providers' Journal
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Monday, September 17th, 2007
10:34 am
Orlando Activists Need Your Help!
United for Peace and Justice will be bringing "massive regional demonstrations" to 10 cities in the United States on October 27th, and Orlando has just been added to the list.

UCF sds is spear-heading the effort, and we desperately need help in the first-aid area. We are looking for both volunteers and medics who would be willing to give us workshops and teach us what we will need to know for the demonstration.

If you are interested, please e-mail Yesenia Garcia or UCF sds.

Thank you,



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Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
1:31 pm

i'm doing a presentation to nuerosurgery team about patients with "drug seeking behavior" and how physicians should identify & respond. having trouble tracking down sources. ideas?
Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
11:36 am
Remember the march for women's lives? IMAGINE A WEEK OF PURE CLINIC DEFENSE & FEMINIST/QUEER REVOLUTION IN THE SOUTH! (details below... WE NEED YOU!)

Click if you want to see how you can be part of some Pro Choice Revolution in the SOUTH Collapse )
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
5:54 pm
Nursing school ain't all it's cracked up to be
Hey. maggie here from the prairie. Balancing work and politics- My best technique for coping is having a good healthy dose of sarcasm to go with all that homophobia and racism. Whenever I got pissed off in class I usually just cracked a joke. The idea was that being funny would mask the fact that I was angry as shit. Who knows if it worked. At least I amused myself. Over the years, I think that I have become much more skilled at picking battles or walking away when I just can't take the heat. Or maybe I just got tired. Some days I just read fiction during lectures.

As for my overall nursing life,I anticipate working in environments that are pretty cool in terms of politics. I'll probably end up in some little health clinic working with clients who aren't offended that I swear like a sailor. There is a pretty good crowd of people here who are really great and not yer traditional healthcare folks.

The reality is that where I've run into the most trouble has been with in the hospital and with faculty. Kell and I attended the most right wing nursing school in Canada. (Cause we're suckers, plus the waiting lists are long)

We are a judgmental lot, we nurses(really all healthcare professions). I have had countless arguments about pain management for people with addictions, dealt with ridiculous fear and hostility towards HIV/HepC+'ve folks, nevermind insensitivity when queer couples come into the urgent care centre where I worked ("which one is the man in the relationship?" I shit you not.)I also find it difficult to challenge faculty (tho I have found one or two really excellent teachers in nursing). Debate is not widely accepted in healthcare. The expectation seems to be that we do what we're told which, shockingly, is really not a method that works for me. My friends in medicine also have this trouble and feel really alienated. They probably feel it more cause there is still all that old-school bullshit about doctors being god etc.

I also have the same issues as some of you in terms of shit coming out of my mouth that is so clearly classroom propaganda. It is hard to avoid when we are inundated with the same crap day in day out. I am lucky to have three friends who went through nursing with me. We just stuck together and tried to avoid becoming assholes.

I do think it is so important to have good progressive people working in healthcare. Knowing that people like kell are working the emerg in our little prairie city and that the docs I am friends with are doing good shit makes me feel a little better. We do need to stick together tho'. It was the only way I could manage school. Having radical medical people is critical, in particular as non-medical people tend to not want to hear all the gory details (all my stories about bowel movements and wound-care definitely fall short of the mark). I'm pretty sure people laughed at my stories before I started all of this. Anyway it's easy to feel alone in the system.

I'd love to hear about how folks reconcile harm reduction values with traditional hospital settings. Do you get into trouble? I have found this to be pretty tricky.

Kay, look forward to all your posts...


ps anyone going to 'Hear and now' the harm reduction conference in vancouver at the end of the month?
Monday, April 10th, 2006
9:07 pm
Dude, Lets get this community rollin!

How are ya'll struggling with in balancing yr work/school & yr politics?
7:05 pm
hell ya
Hey, just found this lj from my friend red_cross_kid's journal. I am graduating with my BN in June. I have worked in community health for 7 years as a health educator teaching teenagers about sex and as an outreach worker at a drop-in for street-involved women. Now I'm working as a camp nurse at a nearby camp over the summer. My background is in working at community health clinics whose values are rooted in harm reduction and improving access to care for queers, kids, sex trade workers etc. Having this background and then being in nursing school was definitely a challenge in particular as I have a tendency to get persnickety and cause scenes. That said you can only imagine how glad I was to have stumbled upon this little gang of health care rabble-rousers booting around the lj scene. Look forward to your posts...thanks for getting things going.
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
8:37 pm
hey y'all... i'm lindsey and i live in richmond, virginia. i work at a womens health clinic specializing in abortion and also co-run an abortion fund called the richmond reproductive freedom project. i'm moving to houston, texas in mid july this year and am currently starting a souther abortion fund that will serve the very very underserved south. i also am pretty active in the radical community.

but besides all that i have a question for y'all. it's about "natural" remedies. "natural" anything is totally "in" in radical communities, i mean how many zines have we read that talk about a natural remedy for a yeast infection or depression or even a cold or flu? and my favorite a natural abortion which is all over that inga musico book cunt (ick) that feminists all over the place are talking about. anyway, how do you all feel about that as professionally trained medicine people? what works and what doesnt and where is the line? how do you feel about the fact that you can find a recipe to abort a pregnancy in at least 15 zines that i personally own? or that hormonal birth control is the worst thing ever for your body or even how to use the rythmn method (because every woman should totally know how her body works and have it down pat). how do you express how you feel to yr community without sounding like "the man"? i don't know, i always find this to be a huge divider for me personally. i really don't feel like many times in these communities it's as much about money as trying to do the "punk rock" thing. i will first hand tell you i know that an abortion is exspensive as is an appointment with a doctor for antibiotics, etc etc.... but i also see welfare mothers of 5 paying out of pocket for a 295 abortion all the time, so my sympathy for that is long past gone.

anyway if anyone has any exciting thoughts about this, i would be really interested to hear what you all have to say. because many times i am like "that's a good idea, does it work?" and other times i am like "HOLY SHIT, no way, dude! " i work with an excellent doctor, but he's not so into the herbal stuff so much. once i actually brought in my copy of hot pants and went through a list of stuff to do and he was really upset about a lot of the things put in there (although he said a few of the things would actually work) but i am not so sure if it's just because he is so pro western meds that he is anti the other stuff or cause it's really awful, but then i read inga's book which i think is extremely anti choice sounding and that pisses me off even more. soooo. what do you think? how do YOU deal with this? is it even an issue or a struggle for you and yr community?
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
11:31 am
hey y'all. im kell, just finished a BN in nursing and starting working in the ER of the main trauma centre for the prairies. im very excited. it also happens to be the only hospital in my town that has a sexual assault program, and is the inner-city hospital most of my neighbours use. one day i'd like to be working (but not necisarrily as a job) doing information and resource access for poor trans folks.

and im very excited you started this community rebex.
Saturday, December 10th, 2005
11:08 pm
Howdy! I'm trying to set up this revolutionary medicine community. There's a bunch of us scattered across the lj world.

I'm thinkin we can use this forum to talk shop, write stories, share ideas, deconstruct, vent, whaddeva.

I'm Rebecca a second year med student anarcha-oriented single mama. Trying to recruit more of us into medicine. Achem.
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