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hell ya

Hey, just found this lj from my friend red_cross_kid's journal. I am graduating with my BN in June. I have worked in community health for 7 years as a health educator teaching teenagers about sex and as an outreach worker at a drop-in for street-involved women. Now I'm working as a camp nurse at a nearby camp over the summer. My background is in working at community health clinics whose values are rooted in harm reduction and improving access to care for queers, kids, sex trade workers etc. Having this background and then being in nursing school was definitely a challenge in particular as I have a tendency to get persnickety and cause scenes. That said you can only imagine how glad I was to have stumbled upon this little gang of health care rabble-rousers booting around the lj scene. Look forward to your posts...thanks for getting things going.
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Hey! Glad yr here. I'm not sure how we should best facilitate discussions...we're just startin this whole thangy thang. Input much welcome